This Kurdish girl deserves a thank you

There are probably a thousand depressing things that I would love to write about right now, to get it all off my chest. Writing those negative thoughts and emotions is often therapeutic. However, I choose not to. You see, dearest reader, I woke up to such a beautiful post from a person I follow on Facebook, I … Continue reading This Kurdish girl deserves a thank you

At the Book Café

I have so many dreams. One of them is made of bookshelves that touch the roof, smell of coffee that gives me a morning energy sensation, chocolate when I please and a place filled with words. Everywhere you look there are words, quotes and you know what? I wouldn’t even mind if books were floating … Continue reading At the Book Café

5 things I’m excited about!

Hello Hello!!! It feels so surreal to be able to sit behind my laptop and blog. You see I have had a very hectic week wiping a toddler's runny nose, looking for a 'good' doctor, going through sleepless nights soothing a coughing/crying/tired/ little angel and trying to do a bit of work. The emphasis here … Continue reading 5 things I’m excited about!

2017 resolutions

Dearest reader, Every year I have resolutions. Every. Single. Year. Sometimes I start strong, and motivated for a few weeks and then over night I let life take me in its turmoil. Other times everything I write remains at the back of my mind, and I remind myself of them on the day-to-day decisions I have to … Continue reading 2017 resolutions

Nearly 27 years later, and the same question…

Loyal reader! How is life treating you? If you're in Kurdistan, no need to answer, I probably already know how you feel, what you're thinking and the sort of fears you have before bed time every night.... I came to ask you a question. Is it weird to be nearly 27 years old and not … Continue reading Nearly 27 years later, and the same question…

Rest in peace. Please!

I have breathed in and out deeply ten times to start this blog post. I can't seem to be able to bring myself together to write a few sentences. You know that feeling where you feel like a very heavy tear is stuck in your throat? Well, that's me right now. With a headache, my … Continue reading Rest in peace. Please!