Kurdistan Tour Guide!

Helllooo Loyal Readers! Once upon a time even on the World Wide Web there was rarely anything about places and out & about around Kurdistan. We were lucky enough to find any non-Kurd who knew something about the Halabja Genocide or the Anfal campaign. Well, it seems like this is over! While there are many websites... Continue Reading →

Nine changes in nine years!

It was only yesterday in a drive from Erbil to Masif that it sank in my head that next year will mark ten years, one decade, of my return to Kurdistan. And believe me nine years ago, Kurdistan (in particular Erbil) was a completely different place. I feel like I have grown up with this city, and seen many of its phases. I still can't get over the fact I am nearly TEN years older too!!!! WOW!

Online shopping in Kurdistan

Hellooo Loyal Blog Reader,A while back whatever we wanted from abroad we had to wait for a friend to travel or for someone from Europe to come back to Kurdistan to bring it for us. Then we had to think of how much it weighed and face embarrassment of possible rejection. Bye bye those days.... Continue Reading →

Come with me to Lalesh

I am just in the process of discovering my land. Step by step, one place at a time. A few months back we decided to take a class trip to Lalesh, which is the Yezidi shrine near Duhok. It has been one of the most unbelievable experiences I have had so far. It was the... Continue Reading →

Moving to Kurdistan!

Dearest most Loyal Blog Reader (s), no matter in which freezing cold, or melting hot corner of the world you maybe in right now!!!I admit I am not the best blogger. A huge apology for all the inboxes which I have not replied to, but here I am with a post that will probably answer... Continue Reading →

Top 10 favorite things this summer

Hello Hellloooo Helloooooo from a very very very warm Erbil (where the sun is shining a little too bright for my liking) Most Loyal Blog readers in the world - Before you become all Kurdish on me and do your glayee* of why I haven't been too much of a loyal blogger recently I will apologize.... Continue Reading →

HELP! I am moving to Erbil

YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWEREDHellooooo Loyal Follower, I often receive emails of people abroad asking questions about their permanent returns to Kurdistan. Now, let me just say one thing, from all the exclamation and question marks in their email I can tell they're stressed, and they probably haven't slept all night -- all week. Here I am... Continue Reading →

Live from Hawler!! Before and After :)

To my favorite blog reader in the world!! Looking over Erbil.If you know me well (I am sure after five years of reading my blog you would) you would know there is nothing in the world that makes me as happy as discovering Kurdistan. So, my friend Narin arranged an entire day for us to spend together around... Continue Reading →

Returning to Kurdistan? Here are ten 911 tips

The view when you land in Erbil International Airport (EIA)Today, looking like a proper monster sitting on my bed with papers, books, pens and highlighters everywhere*. Hair looking like an un-groomed lion's mane - no in fact that looks much better - dark circles, it's past 7pm and been in my pajamas all day... it has been... Continue Reading →

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