8 to 3 Working Hours Not Welcome!

Imagine a Kurdistan where half of the public employees were Linchpins. It's too good to even imagine. What is a Linchpin you may ask? In the words of Seth Godin, a Linchpin is ‘somebody in an organization who is indispensable - who simply cannot be replaced because their role is just far too unique and valuable.’ A... Continue Reading →

Introducing Social Studies in KRI

Hello, I've been thinking a lot recently (which is why I am probably a few steps away from depression). We have a power over a group of people in society which must be used correctly, if we are to head to a healthier and brighter future for this nation. The power to equip the young... Continue Reading →

The rude civil servant…

I am walking into a public office, I am assuming a good 500 staff work here. From the outside it's a big, fancy building. I walk in a little reluctant, as I always feel before entering public offices. My relationship, you can say, is a broken one. I breathe in, walk in, and hope to... Continue Reading →

Peleen’s Organic World

In the past two years an incredible number of young girls have taken up online platforms to show-case their talent. I love the content some of these girls present, each touchs me in her own unique way, and I am forever proud of the hard work they put into producing useful content, often without financial... Continue Reading →

To my 13-year-old daughter

To my dearest daughter... You're only 10 months old, this week has been one of the biggest, then again I say this every week and every month. But yesterday for the first I saw you crawling on all fours, four days ago you clapped for the first time and yesterday you did a half wave,... Continue Reading →


I write this in memory of the 1991 uprising, where my father left me and my mother in Iran, and without my mother's knowledge alongside other peshmerga forces they entered Khanaqin and Kalar as part of the Kurdish uprising against the Baath regime.  Dear father, Tell me how you felt. Tell me if words can... Continue Reading →

Jean Petit qui danse, Jean Petit qui danse- Because we’ve found a good nursery! Telling lies? No Mama!

Some of you (Loyal Readers) will remember my frustration, journeys of disappointment and tearful, emotional--and hormonal--car rides back home with a new born as I visited nursery after nursery in Erbil looking for a happy, healthy and an educational place for my eldest. A scenario I never imagined to experience in my wildest dreams. One... Continue Reading →

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