Please join us in donating your Kurdish clothes which you are no longer in use of to poor families who can not afford to purchase new ones this Newroz. We are collecting used Kurdish clothes (or new ones) of all sizes, parts, and colors for both genders. They will be distributed to poor families in … Continue reading #KurdishClothesForAll

At the Book Café

I have so many dreams. One of them is made of bookshelves that touch the roof, smell of coffee that gives me a morning energy sensation, chocolate when I please and a place filled with words. Everywhere you look there are words, quotes and you know what? I wouldn’t even mind if books were floating … Continue reading At the Book Café

5 things I’m excited about!

Hello Hello!!! It feels so surreal to be able to sit behind my laptop and blog. You see I have had a very hectic week wiping a toddler's runny nose, looking for a 'good' doctor, going through sleepless nights soothing a coughing/crying/tired/ little angel and trying to do a bit of work. The emphasis here … Continue reading 5 things I’m excited about!

Kurdish hijabi fashion blogger: An inspiration and role model

My loyal friend, and greatest reader (S) - Hi Les! It's been a while since I wrote to you about something bright, colorful, full of hope, life and [insert all the positive words I know here]. There are certain accounts on Instagram that make me smile every time they post a new photo, Sozyar Mohamed … Continue reading Kurdish hijabi fashion blogger: An inspiration and role model

10 realities in the labour ward

Hello loyal reader, Before reading on, you are welcome to cluck here and read the previous blog post in this mini series. Birth is a miracle. Pregnancy is a beautiful journey - even if your in and out of the bathroom a hundred times in the morning (afternoon and evening too) to vomit or attempted vomit. … Continue reading 10 realities in the labour ward

A Pregnancy Story: My 1st Trimester

Dearest loyal reader, There is a reason why I am writing this post now* but first let me rewind around two years ago. Three days after my pregnancy test came back positive (my favourite place for blood tests is MDC- they have the loveliest medical staff I have come across in Kurdistan) I had already visited the clinics … Continue reading A Pregnancy Story: My 1st Trimester

2017 resolutions

Dearest reader, Every year I have resolutions. Every. Single. Year. Sometimes I start strong, and motivated for a few weeks and then over night I let life take me in its turmoil. Other times everything I write remains at the back of my mind, and I remind myself of them on the day-to-day decisions I have to … Continue reading 2017 resolutions