My #KurdistanReferendum Diary – 8 days

17 September 2017. 8:24 pm. Home, Erbil- watching live referendum rally in Washington  Hi, me again! I had a busy day. But managed to put together a meal, and had a dear family at our place to share the meal with. I didn't have the car today, so couldn't do much. You see, everything is … Continue reading My #KurdistanReferendum Diary – 8 days


My #KurdistanReferendum Diary…

Eights days left. 7:18 AM, at home- Erbil, sitting outside while waiting for my tea to be ready, Last night I was with a few of my friends, the successful, independent friends who work to live. We met on the condition that we only speak positivity as we are all a little bit stressed these days. … Continue reading My #KurdistanReferendum Diary…

Peer education joy!

I often wonder to myself what the magic is: Five days, almost 40 hours, 25 girls, three peer education trainers and a few lovely sponsors. The result? Life changing. They say it themselves. I always tell my close circle of friends if I had a reliable income to live on I would do peer education … Continue reading Peer education joy!

The night before Jezhn…

Tomorrow is Jezhn (Eid). Today, women will finally go and clean their long, bushy eyebrows, its been left untidy for so long, just to look perfect on Jezhn Today some families will gather on the floor, on a big sufra as they kneed, stuff and knock out kulicha dough and then neatly place one next to the … Continue reading The night before Jezhn…

Sidad, grade 12, and his mum

It was late winter afternoon, very early this year. I complained to a very dear friend, Saza “I can’t study, I have too much going on in life to sit and focus.” Obviously, I said this in an hour conversation, but this was the gist of it all. The next day Saza asked if I … Continue reading Sidad, grade 12, and his mum

Y-Peer training course in Hawler

Dearest reader, If you have read my blog posts from way back in the day (good old times) you will know my passion and love for peer education. It all started eight years ago, when someone recommended my name for a training. That single training changed my life. I am not exaggerating. The friends I … Continue reading Y-Peer training course in Hawler

A gift from Kurdistan

Dear reader (Hi Lesley & Hedi) Today I'm happy, like really, really happy!! If you've read my posts from long, long ago I desperately cried for someone to open a reputable Kurdish souvenir shop, I even wished for it. It is something we lacked here. You see, I am a very sentimental person (I have … Continue reading A gift from Kurdistan