2017 and 2018 Q&A

The last day of the year!! WOW!! and Phew!! The year in three words Stressful, emotional and very political. Though with a few personal matters arising I did (at some point) step back a little when I needed to. Best Dates In the toughest days of the year where the country was going through the … Continue reading 2017 and 2018 Q&A


Kurdish girl at her candle-making factory

There is nothing I love more than seeing young Kurdish girls achieve great things in their life. My friend Huda followed her passion and her dream, she is such an inspiration and a role model to others as well. She holds a masters in politics and international relations, juggles a full time job and is … Continue reading Kurdish girl at her candle-making factory

A decade of loyalty…

Dear loyal reader, and only one loyal reader! Yes, this post is written for one person only. You know, that someone in your life (might be more than one person too) who is always there, but you don't meet often. That someone who you can always phone, text or email and you can rely on … Continue reading A decade of loyalty…

Lala Candles, first handmade Kurdish candles, ever!

Loyal readers, everywhere! It has been one of the most depressing weeks of my entire life. I have spent the past two years in books by authors like Eckhart Tolle and Rhonda Byrne- in the process filtering all my surroundings in a way where I am embedded in a realm of positive energy (this is so hard … Continue reading Lala Candles, first handmade Kurdish candles, ever!

My #KurdistanReferendum diary, the day before the big day

Tomorrow I am going to vote. As I type this blog post, my son, who will turn two in less than two weeks after the referendum, is on my lap. When I wrote My Nest in Kurdistan, a day such as today was only a dream, because at times I never thought in my lifetime … Continue reading My #KurdistanReferendum diary, the day before the big day

My #KurdistanReferendum Diary – 8 days

17 September 2017. 8:24 pm. Home, Erbil- watching live referendum rally in Washington  Hi, me again! I had a busy day. But managed to put together a meal, and had a dear family at our place to share the meal with. I didn't have the car today, so couldn't do much. You see, everything is … Continue reading My #KurdistanReferendum Diary – 8 days