At the naanawa

Good morning! Today, like all other days I am confused and lost. You see, over a decade later, I still don't understand the etiquette at the naanawa (equivalent to bakery where only bread is made). Where do you put your money? where is the end of the line and the start? How does the baker... Continue Reading →

Kurds in the time of Corona

Hello, reader. It's me. Sazan, in the time of Corona. I can add this to the list of my life experiences in the first 60 days of 2020! I'm a mother. So don't blame me for measures and precautions. I have stocked up on two boxes (10 pieces in each) of masks, one litre of... Continue Reading →

Breakfast to tickle my heart…

My husband knows the way to my heart. Well, now he does! Not on Valentine's day, not on my birthday, not an anniversary and no, I still have not completed The Thesis. But the experience was such that it felt like it was an occasion we are celebrating. I love my breakfasts. Everyone who knows... Continue Reading →

KRG Save the Bus Cafe!

In a city with its heart in brewing istikans of tea, home of the oldest continuously inhabited place in the world. On a land watered by blood of martyrs, and a culture rooted in mountains, a bus is parked by a park named after a martyr and symbol of Kurdistan, Sami Abul Rahman. At a... Continue Reading →


Hello from the other side! The next decade, the next year, the next page, the next chapter, the next everything! When we were young at school we asked one another "where do you want to be in 2020?" as if 2020 was the year where we bounced on pink clouds, achieved world peace and everyone... Continue Reading →

A splash of orange…

As a woman with a pen, whose wings were not clipped, it’s an obligation to speak for those with clipped wings, whose pens were stolen and those who drowned in their own tears. So long as I know a woman who is in pain, the plight of women will not end. So long as a... Continue Reading →


Hello Loyal reader (s) I often disappear out of this blog for a while, and then make an appearance with a few consecutive posts. Typical Sazan style. As I am snuffling, sitting on a cloud of tissues and coughing my tonsils out, spraying bacteria into the air like birthday confetti I thought I will update... Continue Reading →

13 years of social change

13 years ago, 16-year-old me landed in Erbil International Airport (it was actually just one room at the time) everything else after that day writes novels and books- not just stories of my one, but of every person I have encountered in my time 'back home.' On the streets of Erbil petrol was sold in... Continue Reading →

8 to 3 Working Hours Not Welcome!

Imagine a Kurdistan where half of the public employees were Linchpins. It's too good to even imagine. What is a Linchpin you may ask? In the words of Seth Godin, a Linchpin is ‘somebody in an organization who is indispensable - who simply cannot be replaced because their role is just far too unique and valuable.’ A... Continue Reading →

Introducing Social Studies in KRI

Hello, I've been thinking a lot recently (which is why I am probably a few steps away from depression). We have a power over a group of people in society which must be used correctly, if we are to head to a healthier and brighter future for this nation. The power to equip the young... Continue Reading →

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