Y-Peer training course in Hawler

Dearest reader, If you have read my blog posts from way back in the day (good old times) you will know my passion and love for peer education. It all started eight years ago, when someone recommended my name for a training. That single training changed my life. I am not exaggerating. The friends I … Continue reading Y-Peer training course in Hawler


A gift from Kurdistan

Dear reader (Hi Lesley & Hedi) Today I'm happy, like really, really happy!! If you've read my posts from long, long ago I desperately cried for someone to open a reputable Kurdish souvenir shop, I even wished for it. It is something we lacked here. You see, I am a very sentimental person (I have … Continue reading A gift from Kurdistan

Seven university lessons

Last night when I should have been working on my confirmation paper corrections, I ended up logging into Facebook instead. To my surprise a memory popped up: My photo of graduation day, seven years ago yesterday! Wow! Seven years since I graduated. It doesn't seem like a lot has changed since I am still chasing … Continue reading Seven university lessons

60 glasses of tea

I love art. I love tea, and I love Kurdish culture. Oh wait, and I also love wonderful, loving, caring, amazing people. When all these come together my heart skips beats and gets a little too excited. For four days, from July 4-8, all these are coming together to meet you in one of the … Continue reading 60 glasses of tea

One of those days….

Sometimes I am over the moon. Happy, joyful and my heart skips beats (in a good way!). This morning I woke up with the sun rise, prayed, finished some work on my laptop-- without the assistance of coffee. By 8 am we were hosted by one of my favourite people on the planet for breakfast. … Continue reading One of those days….

This Kurdish girl deserves a thank you

There are probably a thousand depressing things that I would love to write about right now, to get it all off my chest. Writing those negative thoughts and emotions is often therapeutic. However, I choose not to. You see, dearest reader, I woke up to such a beautiful post from a person I follow on Facebook, I … Continue reading This Kurdish girl deserves a thank you