Kurdistan inspired greeting cards, made with love!

Loyal reader... I have always loved cards. When I visit London I can spend hours in gift shops looking through cards and picking them out to people I know. I love receiving them, giving them, keeping them. I guess it comes from a deeper love to handwritten letters. My sister-in-law is a winner for giving … Continue reading Kurdistan inspired greeting cards, made with love!


A Thursday Thought- on a Tuesday!

Loyal reader, It’s raining. It smells like rain. The past week has been a blessing sent to us from the sky with almost nonstop raindrops—I feel like we are given a big hug while being told things aren’t that bad. You know, I probably don’t need to tell you but things are… not perfect these … Continue reading A Thursday Thought- on a Tuesday!

Kurdistan’s next big killer!

Loyal reader, It is not a genocide that will kill Kurds, nor is it Baghdad or any other neighbouring country. It is not chemical weapons that might destroy our future generation and trust me, not terrorists either. Our youth, girls and boys equally, are at risk of being killed by one thing: Tobacco (oh, and … Continue reading Kurdistan’s next big killer!

2017 and 2018 Q&A

The last day of the year!! WOW!! and Phew!! The year in three words Stressful, emotional and very political. Though with a few personal matters arising I did (at some point) step back a little when I needed to. Best Dates In the toughest days of the year where the country was going through the … Continue reading 2017 and 2018 Q&A

Kurdish girl at her candle-making factory

There is nothing I love more than seeing young Kurdish girls achieve great things in their life. My friend Huda followed her passion and her dream, she is such an inspiration and a role model to others as well. She holds a masters in politics and international relations, juggles a full time job and is … Continue reading Kurdish girl at her candle-making factory

A decade of loyalty…

Dear loyal reader, and only one loyal reader! Yes, this post is written for one person only. You know, that someone in your life (might be more than one person too) who is always there, but you don't meet often. That someone who you can always phone, text or email and you can rely on … Continue reading A decade of loyalty…